Beauty Potion Gone Wrong


Hello girls! I want you to meet Dana. She is a very nice and smart girl. And it makes me very sad to see her so upset lately because she is having some skin troubles. Today she has finally decided to go to the pharmacy and seek the help that she needs. You will have to help her and prepare a beauty potion for her: a cream that will make all of her skin problems go away. What you will have to do is choose 4 ingredients from the ones available. Be careful though, only 4 of the ingredients are the right ones. The others will give you different face creams and well, you will have to see what results they will produce. I'm sure you will have so much fun playing this exciting and challenging new game. The fun part will be seeing all the possible combinations and guessing the right one. I'm sure Dana will be really grateful to you if you will be able to help her with the beauty potion and make her skin look flawless again. Let's get started, girls! Enjoy!