Belle Baby Wash


Beautiful princess Belle is getting her baby ready for sleep. But before her little bundle of joy gen drift off into dream land she needs to relax and most importantly, take a bath. Would you like to help Belle give her cute baby a bath? If the answer is yes then you are in the right place! Belle Baby Wash is a newly published game on Enjoydressup that will surely keep you entertained. Start with adding some bath oils into the water as they will help the baby relax. Then, add some flowers to the water so that it will be even more colorful and aromatic. Next, choose a shampoo for her and help Belle wash her baby’s hair. Use colorful soaps for a good clean and some toys will help the baby stay happy and calm throughout bath time. Great! Now brush her hair and she is ready for sleep! Good job, you have helped Belle so much! If you liked this game find more fun ones here on Enjydressup!