BFFS Glossy Makeup


You can help these two cute bffs get their makeup done in this exciting and stylish new game called BFFS Glossy Makeup! You’ll have to help these 2 cute friends with their make-up today! First, you’ll have to pick witch one you want to do the makeup first on. Pick the girl and start your makeup. Choose a lipstick that you like and continue with the make-up. Pick a cute eye shadow, a concealer and choose a form for the eyelashes and eye brows. That’s it, the make-up is done. Now you have to choose an outfit: Pick a hairstyle and a cute top and don’t forget about the accessories. You can choose from necklaces and earrings. After you’re finished, it’s her friends turn. Give her a cute make-up and choose a beautiful outfit for her. Now the girls look gorgeous thanks to you and they like your makeup very much!