Birthday Gift Hunt


This cute little girl has a birthday party and you can help her find all her gifts in this new game called Birthday Gift Hunt! This little girl has a gift hunt every birthday and the gifts are harder and harder to find. She wants you to help her find all her gifts in this cute management game. She has gifts hidden all around the house and garden and you have to find them all. Find all the gifts, click on them and reveal what she got. She is very happy that she got all the gifts that she wanted. She was a good kid all year long and now she can enjoy all her gifts. The birthday party is a great success thanks to you and everyone had a great time. Everybody can’t wait for next year when the gift hunt will be more fun, and for the great party that you will organize. This cute little girl is so happy that you helped her find all her gifts and can’t wait to come to your birthday party and help you find all your gifts!