Blonde Princess Real Dentist


Rapunzel started her day washing her face and her teeth in the bathroom when she started having a tooth ache. After a close look in the mirror she realized that she is having a cavity. Rapunzel started the feel nervous because of the tooth ache, plus she has never been at a dentist before. Unfortunately Flynn is not at home so now she has to go to the dentist alone. In this Blonde Princess Real Dentist game you need to prove your dentist skills and fix Rapunzel's cavity. She will be a little nervous but Flynn will call her on the phone every minute to calm her down, and you need to be patient with her. You will have all the doctor tools prepared. First brush and clean Rapunzel's teeth, then take a close look at her cavity. You will have to clean and fix her cavity. She will feel no pain after you are done. Have fun playing this new Blonde Princess Real Dentist!