Bobo's Candy House


It’s time to design a house made entirely out of candy in this cute new game called Bobo’s Candy House! Put your designer skills to the test in this cute new management game where you can build a house out of candy. You have four spaces open to do whatever you want with them, the kitchen, bedroom, living room and the garden. The house belongs to some cute girls and bears and you have to design it for everybody. They have to live in the same space and have a lot of fun. The house will be made out of candy so the house will surely be a lot of fun. Decorate every room just the way you like it and have fun playing this cute management game! The bears and the lovely girls will have a great place to stay and they will have fun every day thanks to you! Your designing skills are great and if they ever have a new house, they will surely ask you to decorate it!