Boho Princesses Real Makeover


These two cute boho princesses are in need of a makeover and you can help them be cute again in this game called Boho Princesses Real Makeover! These two princesses want to go and have fun at a festival but they are not in the best shape. They really need a makeover and they came to you for help. You can make them look beautiful again at your spa: use some creams for their faces and remove all the impurities. Pluck their eyebrows and remove some pimples and after a few more creams you are ready! Give them a cute makeup and find some cute outfits for them to wear at the festivals. Pick something colorful and have and don’t forget about the accessories. They will have a great time thanks to you and your makeover skills. Have fun playing this cute makeover game and make these two princesses look beautiful again!