Boho Sweet Styles


The Boho Sweet Style is one of our favorite fashion trends this year and you can check it out in our newest game! The regular bohemian style is loose and comfortable, with fringes and lots of prints. But in the sweet version, there is an added bonus of candy colors, rhinestones, sequins and embroidery details.  This girl cannot wait for you to dress her up by mixing and matching some lovely items. Her hairstyles should look natural and you can use flowers, gems and even little stars as accessories. For her outfit you can pick a dark blue maxi dress with fun geometric prints on the top, a mint green romper with small white pearls on the linings, a short peach colored dress with delicate embroidery on the top or a white linen dress with a pair of over-the-knee brown suede boots. Choose a nice jacket or cardigan on top with fun prints or fringes or even a denim vest to complete her look. You can also go for beaded jewelry or colorful feathers, a big hat and some lovely handbags with ethnic prints. This is the perfect look for a summer festival, don't you think? Have a lot of fun playing Boho Sweet Styles!