Bonita Femur Hairstyles


Hey girls! Meet Bonita Femur, a Monster High student, who is ready for a makeover. She wants to try a great new hairstyle and for that she will need your great help. Start the Bonita Femur Hairstyles and help her! First, wash the hair with shampoo and rinse it with water. Dry the hair with a hand drier to prepare it for the styling. Next, use the scissors to cut the hair shorter and make sure you create a fun hairstyle. In this great game called Bonita Femur Hairstyles you have three options, which are to curl the hair, wave it or straighten it. Pick the one you like best and make sure the hair looks super cute and stylish. You can choose a new hair dye from the palette to color the hair and apply it all over the hair. Pick a new make up and outfit for the Monster High student and enjoy the Bonita Femur Hairstyles game!