Bride Preparation Facial


Looking gorgeous and glamorous on your wedding day, girls, means lots of preparation from head to toe for a bride, from hair style to make up and wedding outfit. As the bride is the main point of attraction and gossip at a wedding, she must look flawless and exquisite for the eyes of the groom and the wedding guests. Why wait until your wedding day, girls, when you can start right now your bride preparation facial beauty makeover! Bride preparation facial beauty game offers you all the beauty, make up and styling tools to get a gorgeous bridal look, so that on your wedding day you know exactly what kind of make up, hairdo, dress, veil and jewelries you will wear. The bride preparation facial makeover starts with cleansing out your face and preparing it for make up. Use cleanser and scrub to clean your face, remove nose and face spots, wax your moustache, pluck your eyebrows and use a beautifying strawberry face mask to give your skin a smooth and silky look. Once the beauty treatment is done, practice on the bridal make up and outfit, mixing and matching the make up colors and combining each wedding dress with the perfect accessories. Enjoy Bride Preparation Facial beauty game!