Bunny Pet Caring

Peppy has a new pet caring experience for you which I am sure you are going to love. Today you have to take care of an adorable bunny, so it will be super awesome! The bunny looked very cute and fluffy a couple of seconds ago and now she looks untidy. Bunny wants your help her get cleaned and be dressed up in the prettiest possible way. In order for this to happen, you have to help bunny get the mud off and get washed. Afterward, you must trim her nails and put a gorgeous polish on them. Also, Peppy's pet caring consists of giving the bunny some healthy food so that her tummy is full. In the end, you just have to give bunny a stunning look by putting into practice your unique and trendy ideas, by using your mouse to play. Have lots of fun with our wonderful new game, named Bunny Pet Caring!