CA Cupid Love Potion


Valentine's Day is approaching and CA Cupid has a chance to win Dexter Charming's heart. Ca Cupid is allowed to make love potions only at this time of the year and she is so excited! With the right love potion, Dexter Charming will completely forget about his crush, Raven Queen and he will only have eyes for Cupid. You are going to love playing this charming CA Cupid Love Potion game, in which CA Cupid needs your help. She is so deeply in love with Prince Charming's youngest son, Dexter. Dexter, who is free to choose its own destiny has a crush for Raven Queen but Cupid knows that on Valentine's Day anything is possible. Creating the right true love potion is not as easy as you may think. If you add a wrong ingredient to the things can go so wrong. The problem is that Cupid lost her recipe and now you need to help her find the right combination. You will have to add 4 ingredients and see if the love potion will work. Things might go wrong and Dexter Charming could be turned into a giant or he could go invisible. I'm sure that you can make him fall in love with her, so have fun playing this fun new game called CA Cupid Love Potion!