Cake Master: Strawberry Shortcake


Play this fun game named Cake Master: Strawberry Shortcake and help this girl create and bake a new version of strawberry shortcake!  Start by mixing up flour, baking powder and butter in a bowl, then add milk and sugar. Mix the dough well, then split it in two, roll each one with a rolling pin and put them in a round tray each. Bake them in the oven. Separately mix some mascarpone cheese, caster sugar and the content of a passion fruit. Then take a serving plate, put one cake sponge, spread strawberry jam on top, then a thick layer of your passion fruit cream cheese mix, fresh strawberries cut in half, then top it off with the second cake sponge and sprinkle some icing sugar. Finally you can decorate your cake to make it look amazing. Good luck!