Candy Cane Cookies


I always loved sweets and I am sure you do to. I have a great new recipe for you and if you have a sweet tooth like me, then I am sure you will love it, because this recipe is truly delicious. It's called Candy Cane Cookies and they are so tasty and exquisite. Let's start this recipe in the Candy Cane Cookies game and you will have a great guide. To make truly delicious candy you need to use the best ingredients available, which should be fresh and extremely healthy. Make the Candy Cane Cookies dough in two colors, which will make the candy visually great as well. But don't forget, it's the taste that counts the most. For the dough use sugar, flour, eggs and butter and mix them together with an electric mixer. Grill the Candy Cane Cookies and make sure the dog can't reach them. Enjoy Candy Cane Cookies!