Caribbean Pirate Girl's Journey


Are you ready for an epic journey? Then join Elizabeth at the beginning of her story, when she was just a regular girl on ship, sailing towards America. But then a pirate ship approached and captured everyone on board, including Elizabeth. In order to escape, she told them she knew where the treasure map was. The map is hidden in Tortuga, at the Old Man's Tavern, but the place is dark and the map is ripped in small pieces, hidden everywhere. Help Elizabeth find all the pieces by searching with a candle and them put them back together to recreate the map. Now that she has the map, she can join the pirates in their treasure hunt! As she becomes a pirate herself, Elizabeth needs a new look. Help her out with a new hairstyle in a fun color, dress her up with shirts, corsets, jackets, striped pants, ruffled skirts and accessorize her new look with a pirate hat, a weapon and even a new parrot pet. But the journey is not over, she still has to find the treasure! Go with her on the island and help her unlock the chest! Have a great time playing this very fun game!