Chloe's Wedding Ceremony


How would you like to be a wedding planner for a day? In this new Chloe's Wedding Ceremony that’s exactly what you are going to do, because you have to plan Rapunzel's wedding. Yes that's right, she is getting married and the princess decided to let you plan her wedding. This is not going to be just any kind of wedding, this is going to be a royal wedding and the whole kingdom is going to be there. Rapunzel needs to be the most beautiful bride and you need to create her bridal outfit. Start with her golden long hair and give the princess an amazing hairstyle. She has to wear a princess style wedding dress and you have to find the perfect one for her. You will find different bridal accessories which you have to match to create Rapunzel's amazing look. Have a really great time playing this Chloe's Wedding Ceremony game!