Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Cook a chocolate chip cheesecake dessert in this fun recipe cooking game. Add all the ingredients to make this rich and flavorful cake. Have everything ready and then get cooking a yummy cheesecake with chocolate chips. Add butter to the crumbs and blend them together with a mixer. Then pour the mixture into a pan, using more butter with vanilla extract, eggs, condensed milk and chocolate chips to create another mixture. So far it is a very tastefull and mouth-watering process, don't you think girls? You will have to find out the remaining of the cooking process to obtain this delicious dessert by following the cooking instructions of the beautiful girl. It is very easy and fun making chocolate chip cheesecake and, what's even better, it takes only a few minutes, after which you have plenty of time to enjoy eating the tasty cheesecake with your family and friends! Have fun cooking chocolate chip cheesecake!