Cinderella Dental Crisis


Oh no! Poor Cinderella has a dental crisis. She ate too much chocolate bars lately and didn't take care of her teeth like she should have. Now she has to rush to the dentist to regains her perfect smile again and she can't wait for it. Cinderella would appreciate it very much if you could give her a hand with the dental crisis. Are you ready? Let's start! The first thing that you have to do is brush her teeth with a professional toothpaste to see better the dental problems that she has. It look like you have to whiten the teeth as well as remove the dental plaque that she has. Don't forget to treat also those awful cavities that she has and in the end remove the bad teeth with the good ones. Well done! Cinderella has a flawless smile again thanks to you. Have fun playing Cinderella Dental Crisis!