Cinderella Gala Host


Play Cinderella Gala Host and help our princess look spectacular as she walks on the stage to present this high class event! Cinderella has been asked to be the host of this year's gala and she is so excited. But all eyes will be on her, which means she has to look absolutely flawless. The first step in achieving this is a spot on make-up. Apply a glittery eye shadow to make her eye sparkle, an elegant glossy lipstick in a bold color, mascara for extra dark thick eye lashes and complete with a delicate blush. Then you can move on and style her hair with a braided bun or some lovely retro curls. For her outfit you can pick a maxi gown with a glittery silver top and a light blue bottom, a fitted one with an architectural collar or a short pink one with lace and a ribbon tied around her waist. You could also mix and match an elegant top with a long skirt or a pair of pants. Accessorize with a coat or a scarf, a clutch covered in diamonds and gems and precious jewelry. Have an amazing time playing Cinderella Gala Host!