Cinderella Royal Date


Cinderella has always been the girl left out when it comes to events at the royal palace and especially dates. She has never been on a date, but now a handsome prince invited her out and she needs to get ready in time. In the lovely game Cinderella Royal Date, the princess needs a fabulous makeover for the date with the prince. Help her out with the makeup and the dress up parts because she has no clue what a royal date involves. Choose a glam makeup for the lovely princess and help her look awesome. Add a hint of glitter for a nice touch and a pretty shade of lipstick to complete the glam makeup. Then, help her choose the perfect hairstyle for her elegant outfit. You can also find seven dresses in the closet, so choose the most stylish one for cute Cinderella. Some nice jewelries will add that elegant touch to the outfit. Now the lovely princess is ready to walk the stairs of the royal palace and set her fate with the prince. Girls, have an amazing time playing our brand new game called Cinderella Royal Date!