Cinderella Shoes Boutique


Hey Ladies, would you like helping lovely Princess Cinderella run her new business? She has opened a shoes boutique and it looks like she already has a customer. Cinderella is so excited but also nervous, because she must keep her customers satisfied so she really has to do a great job. She is very talented, but she also has to work hard.  Play this lovely game called Cinderella Shoes Boutique and help her repair and fix shoes. Her first customer is Rapunzel. Rapunzel's beautiful purple high heel shoes are ruined and you must help Cinderella make them as new. You must sew the fabric, glue the heel and paint the shoes. The next customer is Anna and she also would like her boots to look as new. Elsa's skates are faded and broken. You will have to sharpen the skate, sew and paint the fabric in a nice pink color, and then you need to replace the laces. In this Cinderella Shoes Boutique you must be careful and fix the shoes exactly how the customer wants, if not Cinderella will get bad reviews. If the Princesses like the job you did, they will recommend Cinderella and she will have new customers. Have a really great time playing this fun new game called Cinderella Shoes Boutique!