Cinderella Shoes Designer


Hey girls! Cute Cinderella has a do it yourself project in mind and this one is glamorous. She has decided to create and decorate a pair of shoes and for that she will need your help. Start the great game called Cinderella Shoes Designer and help her! First, pick one of the three different shoe shapes and then draw it with a pencil. When you are finished with this task, the decorating begins. In Cinderella Shoes Designer you have a great collection of patterns, an awesome palette of colors and great stickers. Use the brush to paint the color on the shoe in what ever combination you like best. Make sure you create something girly and cute. Add different patterns, with hearts, stripes, stars or any other you might like. Add sticker to create a unique design, such as bows, flowers, hearts and ribbons. Have fun playing the Cinderella Shoes Designer game!