Cindy Cooking Cupcakes


Help Cindy Cooking Cupcakes for her baby girl and make sure they are all very pretty and delicious! Cinderella has a little girl that adores desserts, so Cindy has decided to have a mother-daughter bonding day and prepare together some tasty sweet treats. As Cindy prepares the batter, help her daughter decorate them by choosing the flavors, the colors of the topping, some whipped cream and extra decorations like chocolate sticks or cherries. But Cinderella also has another surprise for her little one. She wants to give her some ice cream! How fun! To make the ice cream look delicious, help Cinderella decorate it as well with the right waffle and some extra toppings, maybe even colorful candy sprinkles. Have an amazing time playing Cindy Cooking Cupcakes!