Coffee With The Girls Makeover


The best way to spend a few relaxing hours during the day is a hot cup of coffee with the girls at a chic downtown cafe. I rarely have time to spend with the girls these days since I'm extremely busy with school and other things, so I make sure I plan coffee time with the girls at least once every week. The girls and I go to a different coffee place every week, so I have to carefully choose what I wear for our chat date. This next coffee date will take place at the newest coffee place in town, a very hip and very chic bistro. I have to prepare for this coffee date with the girls thoroughly since the bistro is outside and people walk by while you're having coffee. I need a complete makeover, ladies and that means facial beauty treatments, appropriate makeup and a very cute hairdo as well. I also need to choose a great outfit for this coffee date. Help me get ready for my date with the girls and remember to apply all the facial beauty treatments properly, ladies! I must look my best especially since one of my friends is a fashion expert and this new place, Nelly's is the trendiest place in town these days. Have fun giving me a complete makeover and enjoy playing our game called Coffee with the Girls!