Cooking Beef Wellington


Hey little chefs! Are you ready to learn a new recipe and cook a new delicious dish? You are going to have so much fun Cooking Beef Wellington i this new game and just wait to see how it tastes. Well put on your apron and let’s get started. For this dish you need some big beautiful mushrooms. Run the tap water and wash the mushrooms in the sink, then chop them with the knife. You will also have to chop red onions and parsley. Next, take the cooking pan, heat it up, add oil, butter, the mushrooms, onions and parsley and fry them until you get a a brown paste. Now it's time to take a pastry, add a nice slice of beef, the mushroom and onion topping from the pan and then you have to wrap it all in the pastry. Add it to the oven and once its bakes decorate it with vegetables. Have fun playing this new game called Cooking Beef Wellington!