Cooking Chocolate Hazelnut Pie


Hey girls, are you ready for a new cooking lesson? This time we are Cooking Chocolate Hazelnut Pie! Even the name sounds delicious, but wait to see the taste! And it is so easy to prepare this delicious dessert, so let's get to it and first you will have to prepare the hazelnut filling. Fallow the steps and mix the ingredients in the right order, then when all is done, add the pie to the oven and set the timer. Next you will have to prepare the topping. Make sure to use all the needed ingredients and when the topping is mixed, you will have to pour it on the pie. All it's left to do is to cut the pie into slices and voila, you have bakes the most delicious dessert. Enjoy playing this new game called Cooking Chocolate Hazelnut Pie girls!