Cooking Citrus Jelly


Spring is here and the weather gets warmer day by day. It's time to forget about sipping hot tea on the cold dark mornings, and start thinking about refreshing deserts, such as the yummy Citrus Jelly! Are you ready to experience something new? Play this fun game called Cooking Citrus Jelly and get ready to be amazed. This is such a refreshing and delicious desert, and you never tasted anything like that before. First you need to go to the market and buy the ingredients, such as fresh limes, lemons and oranges, gelatin, sugar, butter and cream. Cut the citrus fruits, add water to a pot, add the butter and the fruits, and then pour sugar and gelatin. Once they are well boil use the mixer, then pour the compositions in a bowl, add cream and a slice of orange as decoration. Have fun playing this new game called Cooking Citrus Jelly!