Cooking Frenzy Homemade Donuts


Donuts might be the best dessert in the world! Soft, sweet and filled with all sorts of goodies, they are comfort food at its best! In this brand new game published here on Enjoydressup called Cooking Frenzy Homemade Donuts, you will get the chance to learn how to make this delicious treat! If that sounds like fun, come play this game and start by creating the dough. Mix all of the ingredients together and let the dough rise before moving on to cutting it into a donut shape and frying it. Once you have fried the donuts on both sides, go ahead and start decorating them. Pick the frosting first and then add sprinkles and drizzles of syrup and then finally add some fruit and candy to finish decorating. Play Cooking Frenzy Homemade Donuts here on Enjoydressup and find more fun games here on our website!