Cooking Frenzy Pretzels


Have fun playing Cooking Frenzy Pretzels and prepare a tasty snack for you and your friends! Start by pre-heating the oven. In a bowl mix some yeast with water and sugar. Leave it for a while, then add flour and salt. Wrap the dough up in a foil and leave it to rest in a warm place until it grows. Then cut the dough in four pieces, take one and roll it with your hands into a long thin line and shape it into a pretzel.  Do the same with the others. Mix some salt and water and dip all your pretzels in it. Then put them in a tray and bake them in the oven until they grow and get a nice golden color. Spread butter on top and sprinkle some salt. Choose a nice dish to serve them on and pick a nice dip to go along with them. Good luck playing Cooking Frenzy Pretzels!