Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes


Hey girls and little chefs! Alice is organizing a new cupcake party for her friends because the last one was a success. Everyone loves her cupcakes and Alice loves baking them. Today she wants to try out something new, something she found on the internet. Alice will try to make mint cupcakes but she needs your help. Play this fun cooking game called Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes to help her out and learn how to bake the most delicious dessert and also how to create amazing dessert decorations. Help Alice bake the cupcakes and create the frosting, then decorate them. Alice has so many eatable cupcake decorations, from sprinkles to flower arrangements and animal figurines. Do your best to make these mint cupcakes as cute as possible. Have fun playing this Cupcake Party: Mint Cupcakes game!