Dentist Slacking

After eating all those sweets during the holiday season, Sarah needs to go to the dentist's really quick! Going to the dentist can be a real scary experience, but not for Sarah! She just finds it boring. So why not help Sarah have a bit of fun in the dentist's office? Help her have a fun experience with getting her teeth checked out, so she isn't left with a sour taste. Give Sarah a hand with slacking at the dentist's, but when he is about to turn over, press the X to stay out of trouble. Complete the slacking tasks as fast as possible in order to gain points and within the amount of time that you have available. Slacking is fun because you can help Sarah apply lipstick, brush her teeth or color them. Also, you can win awards for slacking around, according to what you are asked to do. Enjoy our awesome new game, named Dentist Slacking!