Design Disaster


Ladies, meet cute Alicia, who is a very famous actress. She had a very successful role in one of the most amazing movies of the year and she will be nominated as Best Actress at a very prestigious award show. Her career is very important and this award will help her a lot, because she will be selected in more great movies in the future, if she wins. For the amazing award show she will need an amazing outfit to wear, because she needs to make the best impression on stage. That's the reason she has decided to wear a custom-made dress tailored by a seamstress. Help her with the dress design in the Design Disaster game! You will have six items from which you can choose only four to create the best outfit for Alicia. Don't waste time and start selecting the items, which are: fabric, scissors, measuring tape, paint, thread and stencil. Pick only four and let's see what the seamstress can create with them. To avoid a Design Disaster you need to be very careful what items you choose, otherwise our very talented actress might get a rave outfit, a Hawaiian dress or other fashion no-nos. Try your best to create an amazing red carpet dress and avoid a Design Disaster!