Design My Bucket Bag


DIY projects are always so much fun! Us girls are really picky so sometimes, especially when it comes to fashion so more often than not we find it difficult to find the exact outfits or accessories we dream of. This cute girl has been looking for the perfect bucket bag for a while but she can't seem to find the perfect design so she has decided to take matters into her own hands and create her very own customized bucket bag. Help her design it by playing our brand new game called Design My Bucket Bag. Start this fun game by cutting the fabric needed into the right shapes and then use the sewing machine to put all of the pieces together. Add the rest of the required elements and when you have the finished product go ahead and decorate it. Start by choosing a color and then don't forget to add a cute pattern. When you are finished adding color and patterns finish off the bucket bag by adding the cutest stickers and accessories to make the bucket bag unique and wonderful. Have a blast playing Design My Bucket Bag here on our website!