Design Your Cherry Blossom Jeans


If there is one thing that perfectly encapsulates what spring is all about, that thing would be cherry blossoms. They are incredibly beautiful and their scent and colors fill the air and turn any scenery into an enchanted one. No wonder that cherry blossoms have been an inspiration for art and even fashion since hundreds of years ago, especially in the Chinese culture. We love cherry blossoms ourselves so we have created this new game for you called Design Your Cherry Blossom Jeans, in which you will get to design a unique pair of jeans inspired by the ever beautiful cherry blossom. Start by choosing the style of jeans most appealing to you and then start adding some color and patterns to them. Add beautiful cherry blossom pattern and add a touch of color by choosing one for the palette. Next, accessorize to make the jeans really stand out. Add chains, rip them for a more edgy look and don’t forget to add a belt. Finally, you will need a fashionable top and some amazing shoes to create and unforgettable look so choose the ones you love most, add jewelry and a bag and voila, you have the perfect spring look! Enjoy this fabulous game!