Design Your Fashionable Uniform


Ladies, the new school year has started and it's a very excited time. A time to wear fun uniforms and meet all your friends and class mates. Learning and fun will begin and cute Alicia wants to look very cute. In our new and exclusive Enjoydressup game called Design Your Fashion Uniform, you can use all your creative skills and imagination to design and tailor a beautiful school outfit for Alicia. The school's sweetheart has a very particular fashion sense so make sure you follow her instructions. Start by picking a beautiful dress design and take Alicia's measures with a measuring tape. Shoulder length, bust, body, hip and outseam are a must when creating a dress. In Design Your Fashion Uniform you need to pick a great and girly fabric for the school uniform and then use the stencils to draw and cut the pieces of the uniform. Saw each piece of the uniform at the sawing machine and then help cute Alicia piece together the dress for school. In Design Your Fashion Uniform to complete your creation you can add ruffles to the dress, cute bow details and a cute pair of shoes. Alicia's outfit looks great with the help of the Design Your Fashion Uniform game!