Destination Wedding Prep: Greece


Meet the gorgeous main character of our new makeover game from the Destination Wedding Series. Her name is Penelope and she loves the rich culture, the beach, clear blue waters and Greece. Penelope and her fiance have decided to tie the knot and they consider that Greece is the perfect destination for their wedding. Besides, she has Greek origins, so it would only be natural for her to get married there. Everything went just fine and today is the big day. Everyone arrived safely to Greece and they just can't wait for the ceremony and obviously, the big party to begin. Penelope is the most excited of all because she already feels the pressure of looking absolutely stunning. In this exciting facial beauty game called Destination Wedding Prep: Greece you will be helping Penelope get ready for the party. There is no other way. It's her big day and she woke up early to get ready and look perfect for her wedding. You will be helping her get a fabulous makeover and become the princess she deserves to be for her big day. Her preparation for this exciting wedding destination that Greece is must be impeccable. Help this gorgeous bride create the perfect outfit for her to wear at the wedding in this exciting facial beauty game called Destination Wedding Prep: Greece!