Disney Couples Naughty Or Nice


In the new Disney Couples Naughty Or Nice game you get to decide what kind of outfits are the couples going to wear at the double date. Anna and Ariel are planning a double date and they want to have fun out in town with their partners. The girls would like to choose matching outfit styles but they can't decide if to wear something elegant and nice, or something naughty sucj as a punk-rock outfit. It's time for you to step is and help them find the most fashionable outfits! Start with the first couple and create their elegant look, then try out some funky clothes and give them pink hairstyles. Do the same with the other couple! Make sure not to ovrerdress them and don't forget that they are going to be on a double date, so match the styles and accessorize their looks! Have fun playing Disney Couples Naughty Or Nice!