Disney Fashion Trends: The 90s


Our favorite princesses love to be fashionable and they do it again in Disney Fashion Trends: The 90s! Cinderella is cleaning up her closet where she has a lot of clothes from two decades ago that she wants to throw out. But Aurora asks to keep them, because she knows the 90s are back in trend! Help her mix and match the items in order to get a very stylish 90s look, but upgraded to modern times. The printed t-shirts were very popular back then and so where the plaid short sleeved shirts or the denim vests. She also has some cute crop tops that she can match with a pair of jeans with suspenders, pleaded skirts or ripped shorts. You can also try other lovely combos like a striped dress with a colorful jacket, a green romper with a long orange boho vest or a black top and red skirt with a long denim shirt. Style her hair and choose wedges for her shoes. Accessorize with colorful bracelets, a feather necklace, round sunglasses and schoolbags. In the end she will look so pretty that Cinderella will regret throwing out her clothes. Have a wonderful time playing Disney Fashion Trends: The 90s!