Disney Photo Booth


The Disney princesses are all friends and today they have decided they don't have enough photos together and they want some funny ones. So they went to the mall and check out the photo booth there. Choose three princesses to enter the photo booth first. You have Rapunzel, Ariel, Anna, Elsa, Belle and Cinderella. You also have three different themes for the props. You can try the Disney props and get poisoned apples, tiaras, Minnie ears and Beauty and Beast signs. There is also the Hippie theme, where you have fun sunglasses, fake mustaches and beards headbands, peace signs and flower power hats. Finally, the Rockstar has guitars, cheek stars, headphones, microphones, sunglasses and Diva signs. You can mix and match all the props and wait for the perfect time to take each photo, because the princesses will have different expressions on their faces. You can take four photos in the photo booth at once. In the end you can see and enjoy your pics and then play again with a new set of girls and a new theme. The fun never ends, because there are so many possibilities! Have fun playing Disney Photo Booth!