Disney Princess Mermaid Parade


Every year in New York's Coney Island there is a unique famous festival called the Mermaid Parade. The Disney princesses decided to go there this year, as they heard from Ariel that this is one of the best and most awaited festivals of the year. Rapunzel, Anna, Snow White and Jasmine can't wait to be there, but they need some fabulous costumes. In this Disney Princess Mermaid Parade game you must be their fashion designer and you also have to use your creativity to come up with the best costumes. Luckily there's a store in town where you can find mermaid themed tops, skirts and dresses, plus many many fun and unique accessories such as a fish bowl hat, jewelry made of seashells and pearls and fun marine head decoration. Visit the store to create the most fabulous mermaid costumes for the princesses and have fun playing Disney Princess Mermaid Parade!