Disney Princess Movie Casting


Princess Jasmine and Ariel, are getting ready for their first movie casting. The girls have no idea what to wear, to impress the judges, so Jasmine got the idea of dressing up like movie heroines. In this fun new game called Disney Princess Movie Casting, you most help them out, by being their fashion adviser. Start with Jasmine and take a look inside the wardrobe to see if you can find any outfit that will make her look like a movie heroine. There is a beautiful white Marilyn Monroe styled dress which could be perfect for her. If you decide to pick this dress, you will also have to give her a matching hairstyle, and finally, complete her look with matching shoes and accessories. Last but not least, pay attention and see if she is going to impress the judges with the outfit you chose for her. Next is Ariel, and she could be the next Audrey Hepburn, if you can find the perfect dress for her. Have fun playing this new game called Disney Princess Movie Casting!