Disney's Got Talent


Toon in for your favorite show of the season! The Disney Talent Show is starting and you should grab a chair and make yourself comfortable, because it's going to be epic! Genie, Anna and Maleficent are the judges and they have to decide if the princesses are talented enough to make it to the next round. First up is Rapunzel, who can really handle her pan. Flynn has offered himself volunteer to pop his head up from some holes and Rapunzel will try to hit his head with the frying pan every time. Next in line is Aurora, a romantic at heart, who thinks that she and her boyfriend Philip can maintain the longest kiss in history. Snow White is determined to show everyone that she is more than just a stay at home princess by eating a bunch of apples. Finally there is our favorite snow queen, Elsa, who actually has some magic powers she wants to show. But can she create Olaf and not some failure mini-snowmen? Will the judges be impressed? Which princesses will get to move on and which ones will get the red X? Play this incredibly exciting game and find out! Enjoy playing Disney's Got Talent!