Doc McStuffins At The Dentist


Doc McStuffins is at the dentist office because she was feeling some tooth pain lately and she needs help feeling better. Her teeth are very sensitive and she needs to go at the dentist to fix them. At the dentist office, Doc McStuffins should not be afraid because the procedures will be painless. First it's a good idea to remove the cavities, then remove the tartar. To prevent the formation of new cavities it's best to clean the teeth really well. The teeth seem to have a yellow color so a whitening treatment is necessary. Replace the teeth that can't be treated with new healthy ones and the dentist appointment is coming to an end. Doc McStuffins teeth look great and she is feeling really great. It's time to decide cute teeth decoration, like teeth stickers and gems. You can also add different colors to the teeth. Enjoy Doc McStuffins At The Dentist!