Doli Surprise Party Cake


Ladies, Doli is having a surprise party for all her friends and a perfect cake is a must. Help Lisa, Mina, Toto and Sisi get a delicious party cake. The cake must be tasty and it should look great too. For each one of them you have to make a different cake, but it must taste exquisite. Start the Doli Surprise Party Cake game and let's see what you can do to make each guest happy. A surprise cake can have many different types of cake, but you must insure that the cake is round. You will receive different slice of cake that you must serve to each guest, while trying to help the slices form a round cake. It might seem hard, but I assure you it's quite easy. In Doli Surprise Party Cake each cake must be really taste and you must combine the slices with similar flavors. Enjoy Doli Surprise Party Cake!