Dora At The Dentist

Dora hasn't been taking care of her teeth right lately and she started having some real problems with them so she rushed to the dentist for the first time. Dentist might seem pretty scary with all their tools but they only take care of our teeth so we have a beautiful smile to show off with. We will be treating Dora cavities and yellow teeth. If a tooth seems to be too damage to be saved, we will extract it and put in a new one. After we give Dora a new healthy and gorgeous smile, we will be able to decorate it and color them as we wish so the rushing to the dentist will be funnier next time and Dora won't be scared at all. Have fun playing our new game: Dora at the Dentist. Take Dora in and take care of her damaged teeth. Give her a beautiful and healthy smile when she leaves. Enjoy!