Dora Nails Spa


A great manicure is very important for any girl. It shows a girl takes care of herself and that she likes to be pampered.The same can be said about cute Dora, who loves spending time at the nails spa to be taken care of and pampered with the latest nail treatments. Can you help her feel like a princess during the manicure? I am sure cute Dora will appreciate your help a lot. Start the Dora Nails Spa game and enjoy the amazing experiences. The first thing you need to do is to wash her hands with a special scented soap and then you can cut her finger nails. To prep the nails for the nail polish you also need to file them and, with a soft brush, to clean them up. Once you are finished with the prep, move on to the next step of the Dora Nails Spa, where you will need to choose the nail polish color. Enjoy Dora Nails Spa!