Draculaura Blind Date HTML5


Draculaura is so happy and excited today! Two cute boys from her school asked her out, and this is a huge surprise because she never spoke to any of these two guys before. One of them is Clawd Wolf, the captain of the football team, and the other is Garrott du Roque, who's famous for his fashion talent. In this Draculaura Blind Date game, the princess can't decide which one to choose, so you are going to help her out. You girls can take a quiz to find out which guy is a better match. If you are into sports, then Clawd Wolf is the right guy, but if you are more romantic with a passion for arts, you should go on a date with Garrott du Roque. In the next part of this game you must prep up Draculaura for the date. Your dress code is classic elegant, o mix and match tops, skirts, dresses and accessories to make her look perfect. Have fun playing Draculaura Blind Date!