Draculaura Interview Haircuts

Draculaura is very happy that she got rid of school once and for all. But now she wants to get a job. She managed to get an interview at an important monster company and the only thing left to do is do a really chic haircut. Can you give her a hand? I am sure she will appreciate your hand very much. In order to obtain a really cool haircut you first have to apply a shampoo to make the hair clean and smooth. Then make sure you rinse it with water and dry the hair. Move on to cutting Draculaura's hair to make it shinny and healthy and dye the hair in your favorite colors, like fuchsia, green, mauve or black. Last but not least you have to dress up Draculaura for the interview with a cute outfit and you're done! Have lots of fun playing our new wonderful game called Draculaura Interview Haircuts!