Draculaura's Patchwork Dress


Hello ladies! There is a new fashion trend and Draculaura wants to be part of it. She wants the best patchwork dress to rival with all the others and for that she needs your help. Such a dress creation it's not easy, but with your help I am sure she can do a great job. Start the Draculaura's Patchwork Dress game and use your creative skills to make the dress. First, you need to choose the top style from the four ones available. Pick one with great details and then choose the color pattern for it. There is a great palette of colors and patterns, so choose with care. Next, pick the skirt shape from the two available, a long or a short one and pick many colors and patterns for it. In Draculaura's Patchwork Dress you will need to accessorize the dress with a new hairstyle, shoes and jewelry. Enjoy the Draculaura's Patchwork Dress game!