Elements Makeover Earth Princess


Nature combines together five elements: earth, water, ice, fire and wind. Each element has its own princess who rules over it. You have already met the Fire Princess playing Elements Makeover Fire Princess facial beauty game and the Ice Princess playing Elements Makeover Ice Princess. It is now time to get acquainted with another elemental princess, the beautiful Earth Princess, who rules over all eathly inhabitants from animals and crawling creatures to plants, grass and flowers. The Earth Princess is a modern and trendy princess, her favorite color being green. Too much green creates monotony and the Earth Princess has decided she wants a change of look. Give the Earth Princess a stylish and sophisticated elements makeover consisting of a cosmetic session, a make up session, a hair styling session and a dress up session. Prepare her face for make up cleansing and hydrating it with lotions, creams and face masks made from earthly ingredients. When it comes to make up and outfits, give the Earth Princess an elegant new look, combining green with complementary colors or having her wear other colors like red, yellow or purple. Enjoy Elements Makeover Earth Princess facial beauty game!